How To Create a Custom Solution For Your Hair Loss Clients While They Sit In Your Chair

Your Definitive Mesh Integration Accredited Online Course

Are You Looking For Definite Advancement in Your Salon Career Quickly? Well, Great Advancement in Your Career is Only a Click Away! It’s Time To Become A Top Volumizer Mesh Integration Expert. Would you like to take your career to a whole new level of success?
Anyone in this hair industry knows… what it feels like to see your well flowing business hit a sudden and unexpected roadblock… When you notice that your current skills aren’t enough to provide a hair loss solution that’s natural looking, realistic and affordable. Ultimately, your effectiveness will be judged entirely based on your ability to offer what your client wants! Wait! I’ve got something special for you!
Your career needs rejuvenation, no need mincing words about it. If there has been anything stopping you from achieving your goals and achieving the kind of success you have always wanted, this rejuvenation will jumpstart things and give your life and career a fresh boost. This may sound like a little too good to be true; maybe you have been told a lot of these similar things several times before by different people and at the end of the day, it was a mere castle in the air. It is understandable if you are skeptical, but you have our word on this, this is an entirely different opportunity, this course is your best bet if you really want to move further in your career.

Why This Course?

Hair loss on its own is a truly unfortunate thing to happen. But, hair loss in women goes beyond unfortunate and can be absolutely devastating. Confidence hinges on how you see yourself above everything else and losing your hair can make you feel like all eyes are on you for all the wrong reasons. We create realities in our mind and believe them wholeheartedly, placing people we encounter throughout the day in preset roles. Every look they give, every word they speak has another meaning. Rarely is this true, but lack of confidence is able to make this a daily reality…
I know because I suffered from hair loss in my teen years after going through a traumatic spine surgery that put me in a coma. When I woke up, my hair fell out. Every day my reality was that noticeable, unsightly large bald spot on my head. It was always on my mind and it robbed me of so many wonderful moments. I never want to see this happen to another woman in my situation again, which is why I am offering my three-day coaching seminar on how to become a top volumizer integration expert, meaning you can provide a non-surgical option that actually works

It’s about giving your career a “U-Turn”!

The difference between you being a salon stylist and a salon stylist worth seeking out comes down to your level of expertise. Working with hair is one thing; knowing how hair works and what tricks to use is another. Whether or not you’ve been directly affected by hair loss doesn’t change the fact that you will definitely have clients currently dealing with the struggle. The way for you to step your career up to the next level is to fully learn how to utilize the volumizing process!
I’m not only offering you the chance to further your career with a priceless knowledge readily available to you, I’m giving you the tools needed to change the lives of women truly affected and in need of hope. In this world, women have to look under every nook and cranny to find even a speck of confidence. They willingly put themselves into deep pits of debt to improve their image and often are still unable to find the happiness they constantly pursue.

How this course works

I already teach this very popular course in person in my Jewelry Quarter location, however, not everyone is able to come to me to learn this new skill. I have received so many inquiries for the online version that I had to create it. This online version will have the exact same content as the classroom course, if not more! I’ll take you by the hand and show each and everything right from creating your pattern to creating your complete creation.
You get to email me anytime to ask your questions; I’m all about supporting you. You will learn everything from scratch: from what tools you need, where to get them, how to create your foundation, how to do add hair to it, how to use different attachment methods, as well as tips on how to make it look as natural as possible. My course is jam-packed with pure knowledge and fun!

Ins and Outs of this Course:

You will get your hands on one of the best methods that will help you to address any type of hair loss. Not only this, you will learn how to have a consultation, how to create a custom Volumizer system for your clients, how to deal with clients suffering from hair loss and much more! Stylists who love what they do love seeing a smile grow on a client’s face. I’m speaking to those that love this profession and want to bring smiles to women that are currently stuck in a frown. You have a chance, friends, to not only make good money with this knowledge but to bring true hope back to hopeless women. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to turn the light back on in someone’s eyes.
It is my pleasure to offer you this gift of a concept and so much more! Be sure to sign up for the online course as soon as you can!

So how much is it?

I am offering this amazing online training for £497 ($689, includes a full kit). That’s really a small price to pay if you are planning to start creating the Hair Replacement career of your dreams. If you consider yourself entrepreneurial minded, I suggest you take advantage while the opportunity is still available to you, because once the window shuts, only those inside reap the benefits.

Success doesn’t wait, neither should you!

What are students are saying

"Loved this class!"

Jen Martin, JD Salon, USA

Loved this class! I learned so much and the feedback from my instructor was awesome! My clients are so grateful that I took this class and so am I!!

"So thorough"


Maria, the course is amazing and so thorough! i am so happy with it.

"Fab tutor!"


Thanks again, you've made it really easy to understand - fab tutor!

Why this course is different

  • No fluff

    My slides are not fancy or elaborate. No, instead I give you what you need in bite-size form. Throughout an beyond the course, I am available to help and advise you.

  • Up to date methods

    At times, I update the videos and they are uploaded alongside the previous versions. You get to learn variants of the same method, helping you chose whatever works best for you.

  • My French accent :)

    I mean, how can you not love my French accent?? Ok, all jokes asides, I have been using this method on my own clients for nearly a decade now. I've been teaching it in salons since 2017. I've seen it all. I want to help you be successful.


  • Who is this course best suited for?

    This course is suitable for hairdressers and hair extensions technicians.

  • How long do I have to complete the course?

    The beauty of online learning is that it can be completed at your own pace, so no need to rush.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    You will have lifetime access to the course, as well all future updates!



Marie Darmyn

Hair Loss Solutions Specialist, Hair Extensions Technician, Hairdresser, L3 AET Educator and a mother, Marie Darmyn is based in Birmingham and has worked with individuals suffering from hair loss since 2008. Her clientele has ranged from homemakers to TV presenters. She is now teaching her Hair Integration methods to stylists across the country.